Friday, June 17, 2011

80 years ago: June 17, 1931

Grenfell Opposes Sale of Labrador
Feels Disposal of Territory by Newfoundland Would Be Mistake

(By the Canadian Press.)

Halifax, N.S., June 16.—Reiterating his previously expressed opposition to any ssale of the Labrador by Newfoundland, Sir Wilfred Grenfell, here today en route from New York to St. John's, said such a sale would be a "regrettable error." Experts were needed to develop Labrador and Newfoundland, he said, and he had great respect for the potential wealth of the latter territory.

The general economic depression had hit Newfoundland hard and prices of fish and fur were very low, said Sir Wilfrid. Fishermen were experiencing difficulty in getting advances or loans.

Dr. Grenfell will conduct an aerial surve of the coast of Northern Labrador this summer for the purpose of aiding navigation north of the Strait of Belle Isle. Among other advantages, many attractions of the north would be available to tourists if a safe route north of the strait were found.

Aerial Chart Planned

Sydney, N.S., June 16.—En route to northern Labrador to chart that territory by aerial photography for Sir Wilfrid Grenfell, the Forbes expedition, consisting of the mother ship Ramah and two large and well equipped aeroplanes will arrive here about June 22, according to information reaching Sydney. It is unknown whether the plans will arrive from Boston under their own power or will be shipped here by freight and assembled for a takeoff from harbor waters.

Dr. Alexander Forbes, head of the expedition, is a scientist of Harvard University and chief of the Department of Physiology. His schooner, Ramah, is an up to date craft equipped to buck any ice that may be encountered along the coast. The sea planes will be especially adapted for work in the narrow northern harbors.

A drum of special fuel for the planes has been received here. Most of the summer's gas supply has been sent by steamer to St. John's, for further shipment to Labrador.

— Montreal Gazette, June 17, 1931

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