Sunday, June 12, 2011

75 years ago: June 12, 1936

Plan Mineral Survey of Western Labrador

Permission for a mineral survey of approximately 25,000 square miles in Western Labrador has been granted by the Government of Newfoundland to Weaver Minerals, Ltd. Work will be under the supervision of J.H. Colville, President of the company. A.H. McKay, President of McKay (Quebec) Exploration Ltd., is managing director.

J.A. Retty of the Dominion Geological Survey, will head the geological parties that are being put in the field immediately.

The air transportation will be undertaken by Newfoundland Skyways Ltd. Radio stations will be established at Northwest River on the Hamilton Inlet, the principal base of operations, and in the interior. Both aircraft and personnel will be equipped to undertake aerial photography and survey, in addition to transportation work. The pilots in charge of this work will be A.G. Sims and G.R. Spradbrow.

— Toronto Globe, June 12, 1936

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