Thursday, June 9, 2011

125 years ago: June 9, 1886

A St. John, N'fd., correspondent writes:—The fishery on the banks has opened well; several vessels have arrived at Placentia from the banks, bringing each from 200 to 300 quintals of fish. On the other hand the Labrador fishery, which has been paying badly of late, will be greatly curtailed. Supplies, in many instances, have notified their dealers of their intention not to issue supplies for Labrador this year. The consequence will be that hundreds will be left ashore idle, having no means of proseceuting the fishery on Labrador, and at home there is only the poor resource of the shore fishery. It is reported that numbers are preparing to emigrate owing to the discouraging prospects. Too many of our people are employed in the fisheries, and far too few in agriculture.
— Manitoba Free Press, June 9, 1886

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