Friday, June 10, 2011

60 years ago: June 10, 1951

Steel Firms Use Helicopters in Labrador Fields

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. and some other steel firms are planning to use helicopters in steel making.

More specifically, they'll use a helicopter to help find more iron ore and to get it to their blast furnaces.

Hollinger Ungava Transport Inc. of Mont Joli, Quebec, the line that furnishes the air transportation for the Labrador-Quebec iron ore development project has just bought a Bell helicopter for use in its exploration work. Henry J. Gates, one of its staff of pilots, has trained as a helicopter pilot.

The flying windmill is being used in the exploration work and also to help in building the $100,000,000 railroad which is being financed by Sheet & Tube, Republic Steel Corporation, and three other steel companies and other firms.

Sheet & Tube and Republic expect to begin getting some of the Labrador ore for their blast furnaces here within the next three or four years.

— Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator, June 10, 1951

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